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A sneak peek of the upcoming Revelry Collection

Posted by Janet Blake on
A sneak peek of the upcoming Revelry Collection

How about some revelry with a fair bit of rebellion mixed in? Revelry is defined as unrestrained merrymaking but did you know that the origin of the word “revel” also means to rebel? Well, I can’t think of a better name to describe these new one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces.

The upcoming Revelry Collection showcases vibrant, hand-selected rose cut sapphires, tourmalines, aquamarines and garnets cut freeform, meaning no two stones (just as no two individuals) are exactly alike.

18K Gold Bezels for Revelry CollectionEach gem is wrapped in an 18K gold bezel that has been flame distressed to create unique nooks and crannies that add a raw, yet elegant fair to the pieces. And for the settings, you will find that I continue to play with mixing metal and textures. Gold and silver complement each other so beautifully and many of the silver pieces have gold dust fused to the surface giving them additional depth and contrast.

There will be many new necklace, earring and ring designs including the addition of stacking rings to the shop in April. The above image shows some of these pieces with many more on the way. Shown above from left to right: Garnet and Sapphire Bar necklace, Silver Taper dangle earrings with fused gold dust, Garnet and Sapphire Oblique stacking rings (sold) and Olive Tourmaline Reef band ring.

Want to be the first to know when the new pieces are available? If you become a Janet Blake Jewelry Insider, you will receive priority access for purchasing. Fill out your information below to join.

So get, ready! It's time to cast aside the dreary days of winter to revel in unrestrained springtime merrymaking! I'll be posting previews of more of the collection over the next few weeks and as always, I hope that you will find that special piece of jewelry that speaks to your rebel soul.

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