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Jewelry Care

All of my jewelry is hand finished and if you treat with care, will last you for many years to come. Silver and gemstones are delicate organic materials, so I recommend that you remove all jewelry prior to washing hands, bathing, swimming or cleaning with chemical compounds.

Cleaning Oxidized Silver

I use a darkening agent to intentionally add a subtle or at times, an extreme patina to my silver pieces. This creates a rich, antiqued look that brings out any texture in the piece. To clean oxidized silver, please do not use abrasive silver cleaners or polishing cloths, as they will remove the patina. One way to clean oxidized silver is to submerge your piece in a solution or warm water and gentle liquid soap for a few minutes and use your fingers to spread around. After removing from the soapy water, gently pat draw with a soft cloth (do not rub). Cotton jersey works well for this.

My favorite way to bring back the shine without removing any patina is to buff my pieces with a soft brass bristle brush. I generally cover the stone with my finger and just lightly bring the bristles back and forth across the metal surface a few times. Be sure to use a brush that is specifically made for polishing jewelry so as not to add scratches to your piece.


Over time and with frequent wear, your piece will take on a natural patina of which you may be quite happy with. Having said that, skin oils may affect the life of the patina of your piece. If at any time you would like your piece to be re-oxidized, please contact me.


I guarantee all of my pieces for up to one year after purchase. This means that if something goes wrong with your piece through normal wear, I will repair free of charge. After a year has passed, I will still make any repairs needed for a small fee.