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Jewelry for those who choose to be different

JBJ One of a kind gemstone rings

Janet Blake Jewelry is for when the world tells you to get in line and be the same as everyone else, you choose to be different.

Calm Chaos Seascape

Born out of a desire to celebrate that which makes us different, my pieces evolve organically as I try to find the delicate balance between thoughtful and spontaneous design.

Hand-selected gems are set on my signature, asymmetrical ring band styles to create bold, singular silhouettes. One part rustic and one part elegance, I strive to create jewelry that is undeniably different, just like you. 

And as someone who always had trouble finding rings that fit my own fingers, I am proud to offer rings in inclusive sizes ranging from 5 to 12. 

March OOAK Rings - red stones

I would love to invite you to join the Janet Blake Jewelry Inner Circle below! As a member, you will receive advance VIP access to my monthly ring collection releases (see currently available OOAK rings here) as well as invites to special events and other enticing perks.